Four questions to ask when you are choosing a new hairstyle or colour

Choosing a new look is a big decision so make sure you have considered these points:Hair colours samples client stylist

  1. Will it work with your hair type, face shape and skin tone?
  2. Are you being realistic about how long it will take to do each day?
  3. How often will you need to have a trim or recolour ?
  4. Is it versatile; can you do something quick and easy with it on those mornings when you have overslept or dress it up when you need something special for a big event?

Our top tips to get the best from your hair stylist when considering a new style…

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words (and even more vague descriptions!).  Find pictures of styles you are considering in magazines or do a Google image or Pinterest search.   Don’t be afraid to bring plenty of pictures with you to the salon.
  2. Be honest about how much effort you are prepared to put into daily styling and maintenance visits.
  3. Ask your stylist to explain how they are drying and finishing your hair to help you recreate the look at home.  Also ask them to suggest ways you might be able to ring the changes.
  4. Check you have the right products and tools, it may be a good time to try out something new that will work better for your new style.

Here at Gorgeous we love to help people pick out a new style or give their existing look a few tweaks for the new season.  Give us a call to arrange your appointment for your update!


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