Add your hair to your January detox

A new year marks a time of resolutions and detoxing from the excesses of the festive season.  Dry January seems increasingly popular but how about a detox for your hair?
So if you’ve been overdoing the straighteners, styling and products for the recent round of parties and events then here are a few things you can try:
  • reduce your use of straighteners and curling irons or even go cold turkey for a few weeks;
  • turn down the heat on your hairdryer, or move it further from your hair and go for a gentler blow dry;
  • cut down the amount of product you are using; and
  • go an extra day or two between washes and styling sessions – use a couple of spritzes of dry shampoo to help if you need to.
But as well as things to do less of theres things you can do more of that help do:
  • try a  deep conditioning treatment to give your hair some extra help;
  • eat healthily – theres some great information on foods which can help your hair here; and
  • get a trim and get rid of any split or damaged ends.
So if your focus for January is your body being a temple then make sure your hair is the crowing glory!

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