Valentine’s Day Hairstyles – what is your look going to be?

Gorgeous Hair Birmingham Valentine's Day Be Gorgeous logoWell February has snuck up on us and  so its time to think about the big Valentine’s day night out,.  Which great Birmingham location you are heading off to?  What to wear?  And of course the hair!

So here are a few thoughts.

  • Match your style to your dress.  If it’s a strappy or strapless number and you have long hair then think about some tumbling curls.  These work well when the hair is completely loose but you can  also put the front up and let the back fall free.  If you have a higher neckline or lots of decoration then think about pulling the hair back to show it off.
  • Be realistic about how long the style needs to hold for.  If your hair can be a bit unruly and you need it to last for hours and hours then choose a secure up do.
  • Have fun.  A special night out is a great time to try something a little different or jazz up your style with some fun accessories.  Try adding some fancy clips or grips for some easy bling.
  • If you like a theme then check out these Valentine ‘heart’ hairstyles for inspiration. 

Be gorgeous for Valentine’s Day

Of course the best advice is to do  whatever makes you feel gorgeous.  We advocate a bit of classic glamour with some sumptuous waves or curls.  But the important thing is that you love your look and feel comfortable.  After all you don’t want to spend the evening worrying about an awkward moment.  Try toavoid that sinking feeling when he reaches out to run his fingers through your hair and it collapses.  O r worse they get covered in product!

So whether you want to go all out with something special or are short on time and just want nip in for that bit of extra glamour that comes with a fabulous blow drys,  give me a call and book your appointment now.  We also have gift vouchers available so you could use it as an excuse to drop a few hints about your Valentine gift!

Finally, remember on Valentine’s day love is in the hair…. sorry couldn’t resist!


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