Holiday hair – keeping it looking gorgeous!

holiday hair beach summer vacationPlaning on leaving Birmingham in need of a bit more sun this Summer? Then a bit of prep will go a long way!  We all know that we need to take care of our skin in the sun and lather on the sun cream for our holidays.  But do you also think about protecting your hair?   Here are our top tips for your holiday hair to keep it looking good whilst you are away and when you get back.

Before you go

  1. Get your colour done. That way if the sun bleaches your hair it will be more even.  Nobody needs two tone roots!
  2. Try out some new styles. Think minimal easy styling if you are going to be in and out of the pool every day.  Experiment putting your hair and slicking it back for easy options. Ask your stylist for ideas that will work for your cut.
  3. Invest in a few new hair accessories. Try using a scarf to tie back your hair or adding some slides.  Its great to be able to ring the changes with your hair particularly if you are making do with a limited wardrobe.

Whilst you are there

  1. Hats are your best friend. They will protect your hair from the sun and have the added benefit of requiring little or no styling.  Theres loads of great choices around this year that pack flat for travelling so try a few out.
  2. If you can’t cope with a hat then wet your hair and comb through some conditioner. That will help protect it from the chemicals you find in the pool and the sun.  Sea water is much less damaging if you have a choice of where to swim.
  3. Take moisturising leave in products. Not only are they time saving they will help your hair’s condition.

When you come back

  1. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. This will help repair any holiday damage.
  2. Get a trim and a toner. These always help to keep your hair looking good.

Wherever your off to on holiday this summer have a great time, as you know holidays are something I take very seriously!  Why not share a picture with us on our facebook page and show off your style?





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