Holiday hair – keeping it looking gorgeous!

holiday hair beach summer vacationPlaning on leaving Birmingham in need of a bit more sun this Summer? Then a bit of prep will go a long way!  We all know that we need to take care of our skin in the sun and lather on the sun cream for our holidays.  But do you also think about protecting your hair?   Here are our top tips for your holiday hair to keep it looking good whilst you are away and when you get back.

Before you go

  1. Get your colour done. That way if the sun bleaches your hair it will be more even.  Nobody needs two tone roots!
  2. Try out some new styles. Think minimal easy styling if you are going to be in and out of the pool every day.  Experiment putting your hair and slicking it back for easy options. Ask your stylist for ideas that will work for your cut.
  3. Invest in a few new hair accessories. Try using a scarf to tie back your hair or adding some slides.  Its great to be able to ring the changes with your hair particularly if you are making do with a limited wardrobe.

Whilst you are there

  1. Hats are your best friend. They will protect your hair from the sun and have the added benefit of requiring little or no styling.  Theres loads of great choices around this year that pack flat for travelling so try a few out.
  2. If you can’t cope with a hat then wet your hair and comb through some conditioner. That will help protect it from the chemicals you find in the pool and the sun.  Sea water is much less damaging if you have a choice of where to swim.
  3. Take moisturising leave in products. Not only are they time saving they will help your hair’s condition.

When you come back

  1. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. This will help repair any holiday damage.
  2. Get a trim and a toner. These always help to keep your hair looking good.

Wherever your off to on holiday this summer have a great time, as you know holidays are something I take very seriously!  Why not share a picture with us on our facebook page and show off your style?





Valentine’s Day Hairstyles – what is your look going to be?

Gorgeous Hair Birmingham Valentine's Day Be Gorgeous logoWell February has snuck up on us and  so its time to think about the big Valentine’s day night out,.  Which great Birmingham location you are heading off to?  What to wear?  And of course the hair!

So here are a few thoughts.

  • Match your style to your dress.  If it’s a strappy or strapless number and you have long hair then think about some tumbling curls.  These work well when the hair is completely loose but you can  also put the front up and let the back fall free.  If you have a higher neckline or lots of decoration then think about pulling the hair back to show it off.
  • Be realistic about how long the style needs to hold for.  If your hair can be a bit unruly and you need it to last for hours and hours then choose a secure up do.
  • Have fun.  A special night out is a great time to try something a little different or jazz up your style with some fun accessories.  Try adding some fancy clips or grips for some easy bling.
  • If you like a theme then check out these Valentine ‘heart’ hairstyles for inspiration. 

Be gorgeous for Valentine’s Day

Of course the best advice is to do  whatever makes you feel gorgeous.  We advocate a bit of classic glamour with some sumptuous waves or curls.  But the important thing is that you love your look and feel comfortable.  After all you don’t want to spend the evening worrying about an awkward moment.  Try toavoid that sinking feeling when he reaches out to run his fingers through your hair and it collapses.  O r worse they get covered in product!

So whether you want to go all out with something special or are short on time and just want nip in for that bit of extra glamour that comes with a fabulous blow drys,  give me a call and book your appointment now.  We also have gift vouchers available so you could use it as an excuse to drop a few hints about your Valentine gift!

Finally, remember on Valentine’s day love is in the hair…. sorry couldn’t resist!


Hair Technology … well whoever would have guessed!

It seems that increasingly you can buy a ‘smart’ version of just about anything;, we’ve got smart phones, TVs, washing machines and fridges.  So i suppose it was only a matter of time before we had the the smart hairbrush and yes 2017 has already delivered!  The brush apparently collects data on your hair everytime you use it and will help reduce damage.  I’ve not tried it so the jury is out but if you are curious have a look at this article to find out more.

Last year also saw the launch of the Dyson supersonic hairdryer and its always good to see that something we are all used to can be reimagined.  Its reputably light and quick drying to use but it comes with a hefty £300 price tag.  I keep meaning to test it out and perhaps I’ll get round to doing that and writing a review soon.  Paul Mitchell also has a new hairdryer with a radical new shape so clearly hairdryer design is a hot topic!

Now some of you will know that I can ‘occasionally’ be a bit technologically challenged and so don’t spend lots of time surfing the web.  So I wondered what other intriguing new inventions and research I might have managed to miss in the world of hair related technology.  In the interest of science I enlisted a friend and we had a look at some of the weird and wonderful and the more serious things out there.

  • Using your hair to send texts – yes hair extensions that can do things certainly I never dreamed of!  Take a look at 1.07 on this video.
  • 3D printing is now able to generate fur – are 3D printed customised wigs and extensions or implants just round the corner or even already here?   Here is one interesting piece.
  • New technology has meant better hair pieces and extensions that can be styled with curling irons and other heated products which is great.
  • Hairmax have developed hair growth hairbands designed to combat hair loss.
  • Two brothers have developed a bracelet that helps people who pull their hair, often unconsciously.
  • A new app has been launched thats “changing the natural hair industry for African hair”.
  • L’oreal has launched virtual education for stylists.
  • There are lots of examples of research using new technology continuing to explore cures for hair loss and thinning and greying.

I’m not endorsing any of these products and these are not affiliate links, but having had my curiosity piqued It thought it would be interesting to share.

Have you tried any of these, or come across a fabulous new haircare tech product?  I’d love to know!

Add your hair to your January detox

A new year marks a time of resolutions and detoxing from the excesses of the festive season.  Dry January seems increasingly popular but how about a detox for your hair?
So if you’ve been overdoing the straighteners, styling and products for the recent round of parties and events then here are a few things you can try:
  • reduce your use of straighteners and curling irons or even go cold turkey for a few weeks;
  • turn down the heat on your hairdryer, or move it further from your hair and go for a gentler blow dry;
  • cut down the amount of product you are using; and
  • go an extra day or two between washes and styling sessions – use a couple of spritzes of dry shampoo to help if you need to.
But as well as things to do less of theres things you can do more of that help do:
  • try a  deep conditioning treatment to give your hair some extra help;
  • eat healthily – theres some great information on foods which can help your hair here; and
  • get a trim and get rid of any split or damaged ends.
So if your focus for January is your body being a temple then make sure your hair is the crowing glory!

Four questions to ask when you are choosing a new hairstyle or colour

Choosing a new look is a big decision so make sure you have considered these points:Hair colours samples client stylist

  1. Will it work with your hair type, face shape and skin tone?
  2. Are you being realistic about how long it will take to do each day?
  3. How often will you need to have a trim or recolour ?
  4. Is it versatile; can you do something quick and easy with it on those mornings when you have overslept or dress it up when you need something special for a big event?

Our top tips to get the best from your hair stylist when considering a new style…

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words (and even more vague descriptions!).  Find pictures of styles you are considering in magazines or do a Google image or Pinterest search.   Don’t be afraid to bring plenty of pictures with you to the salon.
  2. Be honest about how much effort you are prepared to put into daily styling and maintenance visits.
  3. Ask your stylist to explain how they are drying and finishing your hair to help you recreate the look at home.  Also ask them to suggest ways you might be able to ring the changes.
  4. Check you have the right products and tools, it may be a good time to try out something new that will work better for your new style.

Here at Gorgeous we love to help people pick out a new style or give their existing look a few tweaks for the new season.  Give us a call to arrange your appointment for your update!